Light in the Darkness

I was standing on the deck of the ship. The ocean was around me. The gushing of water murmured in my ears. The air that was cooled by the water touched my body calmly. Everything around me was completely consigned to oblivion. The sky full of dot-like stars with a moon sharing its reflected light to everyone and everything in the ocean. It was only then that I saw the beauty of the ocean. I saw the artistry of this world. Even in the darkness, I saw the glamour of the light.                                    

                Everything in the universe is a moral to behold. The ocean advises us to move on, always. The stars enlightens us to shine even in the darkest of times. The moon demostrates us to share all that we have so that the light can reach to everyone in the darkest of times.

               If we look closely then we’ll see that the world is not that dark, not yet. There’s still some light left in this world. There’s still something that gives us a moral.

     A moral to behold, A moral to chase.                                                                             Darkness can never consume all if there’s still some light forsaken.


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