Let The Tears Fall

Darkness crept in her room. The curtain of dawn was falling. She did not noticed it. Silently weeping in the corner. Disgraced upon herself. Same words echoed in her mind. Why me? Why do I have to go through it? Why I of all people?
Years before, she vowed never to cry in back-breaking situations. But this time, tears fell. She tried to hold them back but they refused. “Let them fall” ,she thought.  “Let them all fall, I’ve been holding them back for too long.”

Hard, she had tried really hard but she wasn’t able to succeed. Perhaps it was not hard enough. “I have nothing left but to cry”, she thought.
In the darkness followed her silent cry, a silent wimper. She had been crying upon herself for too long.
She had read somewhere, “Do tears change the situations ?”
“Do tears change my situation ?, she asked herself. “These tears aren’t helpful.”
Tears just relive the pain. Sadly they don’t erase the pain. ‘I wish they could’, she murmured.
“No, I’m too imprudent to cry, I can’t give up. After all I have been through, After all I have endured.” she thought “Enough I can’t give up. I gotta try again. I gotta try harder.” with that she wiped her tears.

It’s okay to cry. Tears neither increase the pain nor do they erase the pain. They lessen the pain. Reduce their effect. People say tears show one’s weakness. Actually, holding them back only enlarges the pain. Let them fall and they will help you.

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