I was walking by a dark alley when I saw him –
Standing still. In the shadows –
The silhouette of his making a stark outline against the devouring grey –
His cloak darker than the blackest nights –
His face hides million shadows –
His eyes wry with all the agonizings of the world or all the elations of the world, I could not tell –
Like an empending disaster, he comes for me –
My salvation or my damnation, I could not tell –
A zephyr from the phantom and –
I am confounded.

6 thoughts on “Death”

  1. You know what death is neutral. It depends on individual the touch feels cool or cold. Those two eyes have seen countless faces experiencing final moment in this world. Some are sad to leave this world behind while some willing to see what lies ahead. Maybe it depends on us how death comes to us, as our worst fear,our old friend or an mentor.
    Maybe it’s last choice we can make, to feel death’s breath as a zephyr fro phantom or a kiss from angels.

    Just a theory😄.

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