The Destiny

He said , ” What’s the need to do hard work you little boy. It’s already written in your destiny to lose. Destiny is already always written for everyone. When people become great, it is because they were meant to be great. It was already written in their destiny. However, when people lose, people like you, then it’s because it was already written in their destiny to lose. You can’t change that. Destiny is not some mere piece of paper that is written with a pencil and can be erased with a rubber. It’s unchangeable. So it’s worthless for a failure like you to work hard to change your destiny.”                                                  

                The little boy replied, ” Maybe I am a failure. Maybe I am weak. But if destiny is always in favour of people like you then how can that be fair ? Huh? If destiny is always in favour of people like you then how do weak people survive. I tell you that destiny is not already written. People make their own destiny. I will make my own destiny. And no one’s going to tell me what my destiny is. My hard work will define my destiny. Not some people like you who thinks that destiny is already written and there’s no point in defying it. Only I am going to decide my future. Someday I’m going to become a hokage and people will start respecting me and treat me like I’m something…something important.”


           And that little boy was called “Naruto”.

                  Whether Destiny is already written for us, there’s no point in defying it but if it’s not…then how about you make your own destiny.



Musings of Sadaf

It’s one if those times again when i want to crawl into that empty corner of my room and stare into the empty space. My mind is overwhelming with all these negative thoughts. Its roaming around all the things which had already been a disaster and all the things which might be. All i can think about is how screwed up am i. I can literally feel this whirlwind of chaos inside me. I don’t know what i should do to get rid of this. My chest feels heavy and my heart feels even heavier. I want to cry my heart out but it’s like the tears have dried and a certain kind of numbness surrounds me.

I think again over all the decisions i took in past which might have their contribution in my present condition. I think whether i was really naive or did i do that all…

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What is death to us?

Death is a process that can be both devastating and peaceful. It has to come for everyone and do we fear death?            

          Yes, we do. Despite being a peaceful process and even everyone thinks that you rest after death, we still fear death. We fear losing our loved ones. Or we fear if the loved ones will lose us. We fear oblivion. Complete forgetfulness. We fear that we will not be remembered.       

           Losing someone you love more than anything in the world is the worst hurtful feeling in the world. But even after that, they say time heals everything. With passing time we learn to live wothout them. If we have that person with ourselves, we always ponder upon the opinion that we will not be able to live without them, but we do. Time not only heals the wounds of the past but also teaches us to live in the new present. Time is the greatest medicine.                                                          

          Even after people die, some of us still thinks that we’ll meet them again, the person we love…and we’ll get to live a happily life with that person for eternity. Hope. That’s what people get from this. I mean eternity’ , it’s worth waiting for. 

My vision of life.


Life is a different thing. A totally different thing. Honestly…..its a wierd path. Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes anger, sometimes nervous, sometimes anexity and sometimes all at once. No one can actually say that they got an easy life. Everyone goes through tough times. Whether that person is a prince or a beggar. Life is definitely something and “It’s a risk worth taking.”

People have worries about the present, anexities about the future and sorrows about the past. People go through hardships in life, almost everyday. Some of the hardships are so hard that many lose their ability to control. They think that it is too much and they can’t take it anymore. That, my friend, is the time when you lose in this battle with life.

        Hey! You can’t just simply lose it. You have traveled this much far and for what? Just to lose it? What’s the need of trying at all if you are just gonna lose it?                                  

        Yes, I know that everyone has to lose someday but just think about it. People travel far and far in this path of life. Moving on facing hardships and one day they lose control of their ability to control it and they just lose everything that they have worked for.       

       Never give up. Just go on in this battle with life, facing each hardship thinking that the worst is yet to come, what I am facing today is just a little taste of hardships. Just go on in this path of life facing each hardship like the brave human you are, tasting each happiness, feeling each sorrow and enjoying each anger.                                      

           Life is an interesting path. Go on….take a road that no one takes. Take a road that suits you. Follow your dreams to make them a reality by facing each hardship. Then you’ll know what life really is about. Then you’ll taste the real taste of life.

“Everthing will be Okay”

People keep saying that. Literally I have heard this line since my childhood. “Don’t worry, everything will be okay” “Hey, everything will be okay” “leave it everything will be okay”

But does eveything become okay?? Today we are in trouble, then tomorrow we are not and then day after that we are again in trouble. Practically this whole “okay” thing comes and goes. This will never be truly okay. Well, will it? Well I guess this whole line is just to convince and to give people hope. The hope by which they’ll just continue in their troublesome life thinking that everything will be okay. If you give it a thought, which normally people don’t and if you do then you would be abnormal, anyways if you give it a thought then maybe you’ll realise that if this line was not permanent in everyone’s mind then people would just think that what’s the need to work and try to solve the problem if we will just face the problem again in the upcoming future. They’ll be like “Let’s just live in this troublesome world and try not to get out of this trouble cause if we will then we will be in trouble again.” I don’t know but my theory can be right too. 😶

I guess this line is already permanent in everyone’s memory, I mean most of the people. Everyone knows it. It’s too common that people have stopped looking for what this line really means, the inner meaning. ‘Everything will be okay’ The guy who discovered this line must be a genius. Maybe this line could also be our only hope to live. The only hope by which we get the hope to live our troublesome life. 😊